420 – How Counterculture Became Pop Culture

420 – How Counterculture Became Pop Culture For my generation, the term 420 has always just sort of…existed. We weren’t the ones who coined it; we just perpetuated it and accepted it as synonymous with weed. Not to say we didn’t question its origins; 420 itself was swirled in a shroud of smoky rumors, draped […]

What is CBD?

What Is CBD? CBD is not pot CBD or cannabidiol is one of over 150 chemical compounds found in cannabis. We refer to these compounds collectively as cannabinoids. CBD is the second most common compound found in cannabis. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the most common and is responsible for the psychoactive effect associated with marijuana. […]

Delta 8 – What is it?

What is Delta-8 THC? Delta-8 THC or D8, is a cannabis compound that has recently become popular due of its similarity to Delta-9 THC, the main cannabinoid in marijuana. When THC degrades, it turns into D8. This is a cannabinoid that does not come directly from enzymes within the plant. That simply means that commercial […]

The History of Hemp

History of Hemp The History of hemp is long! China was the first to grow hemp for fiber, in 2800 BC. The Mediterranean countries of Europe were growing it early in the Christian era. During the Middle Ages, the popularity of hemp spread throughout the rest of Europe. Key moments for hemp throughout history 8000 […]

What is Delta-10 THC?

What is Delta-10 THC? What is Delta-10 THC? It’s is about to hit hard and fast; so how is it we know so little about it? The truth is, we have always known it was there but because it occurs in such small quantities we haven’t paid that much attention to it. In fact, even […]


CBN vs CBD CBD and CBN are both cannabinoids found in cannabis plants, that’s true. Because of this, they may share some similarities but there are also some significant differences between them and their effects. What are cannabinoids? In case you aren’t familiar, CBD is a cannabinoid  and so is THC, CBG and CBN. But this only […]