Fifth Element Hemp Pre-roll



  • Citrusy and earthy with a hint of diesel
  • An indica hybrid strain
  • Good mix of cerebral and body highs


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1.5g Delta 8 Fifth Element Hemp Pre-Roll

Fifth Element  is a cross of All Spark OG and  Blackberry. Blackberry is revered for balancing somewhere between the headier qualities of a Sativa and the relaxing properties of an Indica. The couch-lock quality of Fifth Element can likely be due to the All Spark OG parent.

Feeling- what’s it gonna do to me?

5th Element enthusiasts insist is well known for educing a state of euphoric relaxation. As a typical Indica strain,  it invokes drowsiness and at the same time relieves joint aches and muscle pains. It is often used to control muscle spasms, pain, stress and inflammation. Fans of Fifth Element consider it to be a potent Indica strain, so they often look to it to reduce muscle spasms, inflammation, pain, stress, and even insomnia. It has contemplative tendencies and can cause mind fog and couch lock so it is best used at night or when you have nowhere in particular to be.

Physical description- how can I pick it out of a line-up?

Fifth Element has some visual characteristics that help set it apart too; tones of pale greens dotted with bright orange  pistils and a light dusting of trichomes. The OG side of this strain shines through in hints of diesel carried along by super citrus waves and earth.

A couple more things to note

Users have also noted that this strain can cause numbing  or tingling sensation in the extremities as it gets to work soothing aches and pains. The ultimate advice when  using Fifth Element is make sure you have the time to ride this one out to benefit from its soothing effects on the body.  It tends to dry out the eyes so have some drops handy.